The following are answers to questions most frequently asked by our Allergaroo customers:

Food Preparation and Storage

What is the best way to prepare Allergaroo?
We prefer the stovetop method because you can heat it evenly all the way through. You can also microwave in the pouch (after tearing at the notch to vent) or pour into a microwaveable container and then microwave. If microwaving, make sure to heat it all the way through so the pasta is soft (not al dente). If the pasta is still al dente after pouring it into a microwave-safe bowl, continue microwaving in 15-second increments until heated through and pasta is soft.

How do I make the pasta soft, not al dente?
Just heat it all the way through. Because our pasta is made of rice, it has to be heated all the way through to become soft. If you've ever reheated cooked rice, you'll know what we mean.

Do I have to refrigerate Allergaroo?
No. Allergaroo is shelf stable, meaning it needs no refrigeration. However, once open, Allergaroo does need to be refrigerated.

Ingredient Questions

Are Allergaroo products casein free?

Are Allergaroo products sesame free?

Are Allergaroo products sulfite free?

Are Allergaroo products mustard free?

Are Allergaroo products free of rye, wheat and barley?

Is your ground chicken hormone free, antibiotic free and free range?
Yes. However, we are removing ground chicken from our products beginning in April 2009.

What is non-GMO corn maltodextrin?
The term "non-GMO" means the corn has not been genetically modified. Corn maltodextrin is made by cooking down cornstarch that is then broken down further by natural acids and/or enzymes.

What is lactic acid?
Lactic acid is a colorless, syrupy, sour liquid that is produced by the action of bacteria upon the sugar found in beets. It can also be derived from corn, potatoes or molasses, but our lactic acid is derived from beets. We use it to adjust the pH of Allergaroo products.

Manufacturing Questions

Are Allergaroo products manufactured in an allergy-free environment?
As of October 1, 2009, Allergaroo is using a combination of shared and dedicated equipment, all the while employing strict allergen protocols to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

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